Aircraft Certification Services

Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR)
  • FAA conformity inspections for design / production certification (parts, assemblies, installations, test setup, test articles, etc)

  • Conformity Inspections for CAAs

  • Type Inspection Authorization Inspections for flight testing aircraft

  • Issue standard, experimental, special airworthiness certificates, special flight permits, etc  (UAS)

  • Issue Domestic Airworthiness 8130-3 tags

  • Issue Export Certificates of Airworthiness 8130-4 for aircraft

  • Issue 8130-3 tags to export (parts) articles

  • TC/STC/PC - Conformity inspection plan development  / guidance

  • QA and SMS systems development / guidance 

  • Production approval (PMA, PC and TSOA) assistance / guidance

  • Production approval extensions assistance / guidance


  • Consultant  -  Process and procedures for Type Certification, Production Certification and Airworthiness Certification

Conformity Inspection Planning; 
QA & SMS system setup; 
PMA / TSOA and PC Production Approvals;
Consultant - Processes, Procedures,  Regulations
International Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements  
  • Expert consultation / technical assistance with Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements, Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness (IPA) & Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP)  

  • Import/Export guidance / assistance

  • Licensing Agreements - guidance

  • Quality Systems assistance 

  • Conformity Inspections - CAAs